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Green Valley - About Us



Christos Vasiliou Photo

     The restaurant "Green Valley" is situated in a pine forest area beside a refreshing river stream, between Kakopetria and Platania in Cyprus. The footprints of the history of the restaurant, take us far back in time to 1973, when the outdoor restaurant began its construction, from the first owner, Mr. Christos Vasiliou. The area was inaccessible and rough due to the thick plantation and surrounded by high mountains. The owner, however, has risen the level of the soil and he built his business along the river, which river until today gives to the space a feeling of coolness and calmness. The restaurant immediately stood out for the delicious meals and won the preference of locals and hundreds of visitors, Greeks and foreigners.

In 1980, the Green Valley Restaurant, was passed over to the children of the owner, Andreas and Vasilis Vasiliou, whom expanded the business. A year later they launched the winter restaurant and in 1982 they built 5 rooms which accommodated visitors in comfort.

Today, the renovated restaurant promises to offer visitors, delicious food, pleasant and comfortable accommodation with a touch of coolness and tranquility....